Stow & Go

Always be cautious. Try to park your rental car in a well-lit, public area. Take your portable GPS and other small electronics and accessories with you when leaving the car. If you cannot take them with you, store valuables in the glove compartment or trunk. Always double check to be sure the rental car is locked!

Smart Products for Rental Cars

Save money, time and worry with Budget's helpful products

Whether you're on the road for business or pleasure, customize your rental car to fit your needs. Our wide range of rental products offers you both time savings and convenience when you're away from home.


GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation provides step-by-step guidance to addresses, hotels and attractions while you're en route — all with a touch of the screen. And now we've enhanced service to include downloadable flight status information (within MSN Direct coverage areas). This innovative feature provides on-time, delayed, redirected, landed or cancelled flight information, as well as up-to-date departure and arrival schedules. Japanese text also available.


Child Safety Seats and Booster Seats

There's no substitute for safety, especially when you're transporting children. Each time you reserve a Budget rental car, be sure to request a safety seat for each youngster traveling with you. Your next happy trip begins with buckling up the kids!

Child safety seats are about $13 USD per day with a maximum of $65 USD per car rental. Always use a rear-facing infant seat for an infant up to 22 pounds; toddler seat for a child up to 40 pounds; and child booster seat for a child over 40 pounds. Due to liability issues, Budget personnel are not permitted to install child safety seats into vehicles for customers.

At corporate-operated locations, if your child safety seat reservation is made 48 hours prior to pick up, we guarantee availability. Within 48 hours of pick up and at licensee-owned locations, your request will be held with your reservation, but child seat rental is made on a first-come, first-served basis. In that case, availability is not guaranteed.

To reserve a child safety seat, simply select one as a rental option in Step 3 of the online car rental reservation process.


Disability Products

Important information for car renters with disabilities – all you need to know about TDD, hand controls, wheelchair-accessible cars and additional drivers.


Refueling Service

Everybody likes choices! Now you can decide whether to refill your own rental car fuel tank or leave the refueling to us.

If you'd like us to refuel the car for you at reduced per gallon prices(at participating locations), simply select "Fuel service option" as a rental option in Step 3 of the online car rental reservation process. Fuel price is not included in your reservation total. You'll need to agree to the prevailing market fuel rate and pay at rental time.


Car Rental Insurance Protection

Purchasing any of our optional rental car insurance coverages and protect yourself against damage or theft to your rental vehicle.

To reserve a coverage, simply select it as a rental option in Step 3 of the online car rental reservation process.